Along with our Facebook page, this stock list aims to keep you up to date with any significant additions to the shops livestock.
This is mainly aimed towards Discus, Oddballs, Marine Fish & Corals.
Don't forget that the shop still has a great selection of Tropical and Coldwater Fish as well as what is listed here.

Marine Stock List Update


Yellow Tang (med)

Goldrush Tang (med)

Scopas Tang (lrg)

Regal Tang (med)

Regal Tang (lrg) 50% off

Magnificent Foxface (lrg) 50% off

Coral Beauty (med)

Bi Colour Angelfish (dwarf)

Red Mandarin (med)

Green Chromis

Blue Damsels

Three Stripe Humbug Damsels

Ocellaris Clownfish (sm)

Emperor Cardinal (1 adult male left)

Red Firefish

False Gramma

Midas Blenny

Orange Spot Gobies

Carpenters Flasher Wrasse

Picture Wrasse

Silver Belly Wrasse

Pyjama Wrasse

Jewel Puffer

Spotted Hawkfish

Undulatus Triggerfish (m)

Niger (Red Toothed) Trigger (large)

Red Legged Hermit Crabs

Emerald Crabs

Black Long Spine Urchin (reef safe)

Orange Spineless Urchin (reef safe)

Blue red Tuxedo Urchins (reef safe)

Pencil Urchin

Cleaner Shrimp

Striped Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

Mexican Turbo Snails

Zoas frags

Hard Coral frags (Chalis, Goniopora, Montipora)

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Quality German Discus.

Colour strains remaining are:

Dark Angel's (8cm)

German Wonder's (6.5cm+)

Pigeon Bloods (8cm)

Pigeon Silver (8cm)

All Pigeons are all still at 6.5cm prices!



Good selection of Cory's in stock.

Cory. aeneus "Albino"

Cory. aeneus "Bronze Cory"

Cory. arcuatus

Cory. elegans

Cory. pygmaeus (Pygmy Cory)

Cory. paleatus (Peppered Cory)

Cory. rabauti (Rusty Cory)

Cory. panda (Panda Cory)

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