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Including electric blue legged hermit crabs, emerald crabs, silver spot tang, blue eye tang & blue cheek gobies.



Including Cleaner Shrimp, Hermit Crabs, Urchins & Mexican Turbo Snails. 

Welcome to West Midlands Aquatics.

From February 2018 West Midlands Aquatics is now under new ownership!

Having been established in the local area for over 40 years, West Midlands Aquatics have prided itself on quality, service and value to all its customers. Today we're no different, still offering that great level of service that customers old and new have come to expect.

We offer a great selection of coldwater, tropical, marine fish and corals. All fully quarantined. Please check back on a regular basis to view our stock list where you'll find listed any significant additions to our livestock. Also available in store are foods, treatments and all the other equipment you'll need for your hobby.

A selection of starter tanks are available in store. Larger fish tanks and complete setup's are available to order.

We also offer in store pure R.O. water and ready mixed saltwater for you to take away*, plus fully cured marine "live rock".

The cost of energy consumed in our homes, and the effects it is having on the environment is becoming an important issue for us all today. Here at West Midlands Aquatics we will be looking at leading manufacturers to see what they have to offer with the latest innovations in low energy consumption equipment such as filter's, D.C. pumps and L.E.D. lighting. Helping us drive down the cost of running our hobby, yet keeping our fish as happy as they have always been!

2018 saw us increase our tropical stock tanks, introducing Discus back to the shop, plus adding our coldwater & pond section. If you've not been in for a while, why not pop in and see us. Have a browse at what's on offer and see what's changed.

We look forward to seeing you.

*Water is subject to availability. Loyalty card scheme available.

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Licence No: 201816309
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